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Saturday, September 22, 2007

If your life gets boring, read this book!!!

သုခၿမိဳ႕ေတာ္ (The City of Joy)
by Dominique Lapierre

Made into a movie starring Patrick Swayze, this is the inspiring story of an American doctor who experienced a spiritual rebirth in an impoverished section of Calcutta.
If your life gets boring, read this book! If there was a single biggest lesson to be learned out of "The City of Joy", it was the lesson learned by Max Loeb after his first weeks in Anand Nagar: Life and the Wealth of Culture will not flourish through Father Christmas but if people are forced to struggle for survival.
Lapierre takes us into the heart and soul of Calcutta, by taking us into the hearts and souls of the people that keep it alive. He introduces us to well known saints like Mother Theresa as well as unknown ones like a Polish priest named Stephan Kovalski. He writes about their daily struggle to make it through the day, but never losing hope for a better future, and always keeping alive their belief in God and Love.

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